Curtis L. Novy Welcome to Mortgage Expert Witnesses, your leading source for highly qualified and vetted expert witnesses focused exclusively on mortgage lending & real estate.

We are consultants, investigators, and expert witnesses serving the needs of credit reporting agencies, financial institutions, law firms, lenders, insurers, private investors, state/federal agencies, and title/escrow companies. We leverage our 25 years of well rounded-experience, credentials, and licensing to provide our clients with current and relevant information to make informed decisions. 

Clients seeking technical guidance and industry standards & practices related to civil and criminal cases rely on us for our deep industry knowledge, specialized training in mortgage underwriting & real estate, and dual licensing as financial investigators & real estate brokers.

Our firm can provide pre-litigation investigations and advise counsel as to complex mortgage and imagereal estate matters. This often saves our clients time and money as initial investigative work is billed hourly at about 25% of our expert witness fees. After preliminary investigations are complete and counsel is fully informed, that is generally the best time to retain an expert witness. In other words, investigators lay the initial litigation groundwork and expert witnesses utilize that information to guide counsel and identify sources of discovery.

Mortgage & Real Estate Expert Witness | Financial Investigator

Investigative and expert witness projects are directed by Curtis L. Novy, a seasoned professional who is uniquely qualified based on his experience as a bank fraud examiner, mortgage underwriter, mortgage fraud investigator, mortgage originator, licensed private investigator, and real estate broker.
Mr. Novy has been retained on over 200 civil and criminal fraud cases and has analyzed thousands of mortgage and real estate transactions. Representative cases include: bank fraud, commercial & construction loans, elder financial abuse, fraudulent Grant Deed transfers, identity theft, mortgage or real estate fraud, private mortgage loans, SEC real estate fraud, and title/escrow underwriting standards & practices.

Mr. Novy’s depth of experience includes 15 years of mortgage underwriting as well as employment as an auditor, bank fraud examiner, credit administrator, fair lending manager, mortgage fraud investigator, quality control manager, and real estate broker.

As a senior underwriter, Mr. Novy held a $1 million lending authority with Wells Fargo Bank and earned a risk management certificate. Government lending experience includes HUD FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriter and VA underwriter credentials.

Mr. Novy’s most recent credentials include certified fraud investigator (CFI), CA licensed PI, and real estate brokers’ license. Continuing education courses, conferences, and training certificates are earned annually through ACAMS, ACFE, CALI, CFCIA, and CA Dept. of Real Estate.


Primary Areas of Expert Witness Testimony:

  • Agency Buybacks & Insurance Claims

  • Bank Audits & Fair Lending Examinations

  • Civil & Criminal Mortgage & Real Estate Fraud

  • Elder Financial Abuse & Identity Theft

  • Falsified Documents & Forged Deeds

  • HUD-OIG, IRS, or FBI Criminal Investigations

  • Lender Loss Analysis & Foreclosures

  • Loan Application Fraud, Misstatement of Material Facts

  • Mortgage Underwriting Standards & Practices

  • Private Mortgage Insurance, Private Investor Loans, Promissory Notes

  • Real Estate Regulations, Standards of Care, Disclosure Documents

  • Title & Escrow Standards & Practices, Title Fraud


Expert Witness Referral | Expert Due-Diligence

In addition to expert witness services, provides referral of qualified experts to law firms and financial services clients for projects outside of the direct experience of Curtis L. Novy. Expert referrals are pre-screened and credentials are verified. image also provides attorney clients with extensive background investigations of opposing counsel expert witnesses and conducts witness interviews and legal records searches for litigants. These additional services typically fall under PI licensed activity and a separate retainer agreement is required.

CA Dept. of Real Estate Broker's License # 01108665.
CA Bureau of Security & Investigative Services, Qualified Manager License # PI188926
Financial Investigative Services