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FIS |Specializing in Mortgage & Real Estate Investigations

FIS conducts deep-dive mortgage fraud investigations related to common mortgage fraud schemes, misstatement of application facts, internal fraud, insurance claim disputes, forged deeds & loan documents, identity theft, lender due-diligence, mortgage underwriting fraud, private mortgage disputes/buybacks, real estate fraud, and title insurance claims.

Our team carefully reviews loan application documents, bank statements, income documents, interviews potential witnesses, researches industry fraud databases, re-verifies documents and chain of title records, and verifies public records.

In addition, we investigate real estate fraud and related documents as often mortgage fraud is directly connected to questionable real estate professionals or schemes to defraud banks and lenders. We issue detailed investigative reports outlining findings that are supported by exhibits. All investigations are completed by licensed CA private investigators and in strict confidence.

Clients considering mortgage litigation or financial institutions seeking internal fraud investigations are best advised to first retain FIS as investigators to identify the facts, findings, and core documents. This process assists legal counsel and financial institutions in understanding the facts and how best to proceed with litigation or other action, if warranted. FIS is then retained as mortgage expert witnesses to explain complex loan documents, fraud schemes, and identify parties connected to potential fraud.

FIS mortgage litigation investigations are generally billed at $100 to $150 per hour and most initial investigations can be completed within 10 hours. When FIS is then retained by counsel as expert witnesses, some of the initial investigative fees may be credited back to the client.

FIS consults with banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers, private mortgage insurance companies, and title insurers to conduct investigative audits or quality control file reviews. Costs vary but most audits are billed at $200 per loan transaction.

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